The days of memorising phone numbers, address and locations have gone, and that is a relativity the quick click and go mentality is here. Customers attention spans are as low as they have ever been, and this can be seen on how people interact with web sites, content and application.

This is important if you’re an online business as you only have a few seconds or a page of information to portray what your customer is looking for.

Having just information on your site is not enough these day, you need to really communicate to your customers in the most simple form to get there attention..

For example

Product Description poorly written

Your customer has come to the site as they are interested in a product, they can not see the product in person so they are depending on the images and the descriptions for them to make a purchasing decision. So, to keep them interested keep your descriptions details, focus on the benefits of the products so they know how they are going to gain from the product. As well as secondary information which is all the features of the products. This will make sure your customers have the right information to make a decision without the need to leave your site.

Odd Images

Majority of people are visual people, they will make purchasing decisions on what they see. Make sure your pictures are high quality, and that they provide your product in good light. Getting a picture which is highly appealing to your customer is worth 1000 words as the saying goes. Images you will be your customers first line of evaluation of your product.

Lack or Social Proof

Evaluating products these days, from physical products, services down to even eating out has all come down to the reviews. A lot of people are interested in others experience and how they interact with the product. Illustrating your reviews, quality of the product, and other people that have enjoyed your product will give you the edge you need to sell.

Complex or Time consuming check outs

Your at a good point if people are looking at your product, ready to buy. But if they have to go through a lot of registration and black tape just to get your item they might easily skip off to another web sites. Making your web site look secured and professional is also very key, so people feel like there shopping experience is going to be safe.

Mobile Friendly

The chances are, that most people buying your product are going to be using mobile phones. This is something to keep in mind. Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have a mobile application? Can your emails be viewed on a mobile? Does your web site use the features of a mobile? Make sure you are ready for mobile devices and make sure your site looks good.

Checking these items will help you improve your sales performance, if you are unsure why customers are leaving your online shop, it is worth the investment into tools like google analytics, and understanding how to use them. Using tools like that allow you to track how your customers viewed your web site, where they left, how they move through the site.

Track these changes, and if your still unsure perform a variety of A/B test, try different phones, descriptions, layouts to see how you can improve conversions and sales rates.

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