Where to Find Freelancers

When running a business, you have 101 things to do all the time, and trying to do all of them yourself is just not possible. 

This is fine! You are directing the company, and although you need to wear many hats, you can not wear all the hats. But the good news is there are a lot of sites out there to find the temporary resources you need to get the work done. 

In this article, we will mention a few websites that you can use to find the right resources for what you need done.


Angel.co is a great site which focuses on the start-up community, and also provides a hiring section on their web site.  This site is great for finding the kind of staff that want to work for a start-up and most likely have worked for start-ups in the past. 

Full time, part time, and from everywhere in the world, you have the option to connect to potential workers. You can talk to them as well to see if they are going to be  the right fit for your company. 


This was originally just a collection of small projects for $5, but since the beginning it has expanded out to freelancers offering specific services and showcasing their work. 

With over 150 categories of services, and freelancers coming from over 190 countries, whatever you need is likely to be there, and at a competitive price point.


This is a very old site, going through many different names and structures. 

With over $1 billion work annually, an impressive 4 million clients and over a 90% rehire rate, it really is up there. There are a huge variety of skills to select from. 

This is structured more as a market place, where you put up work, a description of what you need, and people will apply for the work.


Although a very basic and some would say ugly site, it is still extremely powerful. It has a very local feel, and it’s an important site for finding workers in the local region.

Although it has a great reach, you can also get overwhelmed with responses from ads, as applicants are not vetted in any way. 


Similar to upwork, Guru allows you to place ads and get applicants to apply for your work. 

They boast an impressive 3 million members worldwide in different categories of work. 


This sites vets its applicants much more than Guru and Upwork. Although generally a bit more expensive per freelancer, they uphold a quality standard.

If looking for a high level of specialist, this site has great potential. 

To get the most out of these sites, it is also important that you have a responsible budget and that you can provide details of what you want, when. The more details you can give to a freelancer, the more success you will get out of these sites, and the more quickly you will attract the right type of freelancers.

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