There are a lot more choices to finance your business than there used to be – from MCA, line of credit, business loans, business credit cards, inventory financing, just to name a  few.  There is a right time for each of these items, and it is all about the situation that you’re in and how you manage your finances, as well as what you’re willing to risk.

Bank Business Loans

One of the lower rate options is a bank loan. Bank loans have dramatically decreased in popularity mainly for two factors.  Banks rarely issue loans to small businesses, as these entities won’t meet their risk portfolio, and the second factor is that bank requires strong secured assets. This means that the bank won’t lose. If you don’t pay your loan, they are going to take something of value.

So if you have great credit, you own assets which can be liquidated, and you have the time to go through the drawn-out process of getting a bank loan, it is generally a good option.

In reality, most businesses will fail. These are with 15% approval rates for the people that actually go through the whole process of getting it setup.

Line of Credit

There is a variety of line of credits out there – secured and unsecured. Generally, banks will offer a secured line of credit, which again if you will require to have a good credit score and assets to back this up.

An unsecured line of credit is based on your business performance and, once approved, will allow you to pull out funds multiple times. The amount varies about what is available.

Merchant Cash Advance

These are unsecured funds, they are generally available to business in a short time, and are provided quickly to consumers with a much higher approval rate. This system will work on a fixed fee approach, with the customers having a daily payment amount they need to pay back.

Although you would expect to see a high payment with a merchant cash advance as it is based on future receivables, the benefits it that you do not risk your personal investments or assets.


Another way to raise money is via an investor – either an angel investor or another type of investor. These investors will give funds based on equity agreement. In general, unless you are receiving large funds, this is a very costly type. Oftentimes, you give away ownership which means you give away funds you would be receiving, and also you will end up with a second decision maker in your business. This takes away the power from you as the business owner.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is another great option for supporting cash flow. Instead of waiting for your funds, you will be getting your fund in advance.  This means you can invest the capital from the invoices now, and you do not need to wait, making your capital work for you NOW.

There are so many options out there. At QLC, we focus on providing unsecured funds and line of credit. All these are based on your performance. This is a good fit for businesses which do not have any assets outside the business, individuals who don’t want to give equity, and businesses who know they are using these funds to invest and grow into their business.

Each time we fund a business, it becomes an investment. We share the risk with you, we want you to grow, and we are here to help. And unlike other funding options, we take nothing. The process is simple, and most people are approved within a day.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us today.

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