Summer Slow Sales

Summer Slow Sales

What do you think when people say summer? Do you think of beaches, relaxing and cocktails? Or are you thinking of slow sales, reduced turnout and the extra stress? With sales slowdown of 0.5% before the summer has even started, this is understandable. The summer slump is here to stay, so as a business owner we need to learn to fight it.

So what can you do to help your sales?

  1. Get People Excited

So summer is an expanse of free time. There’s no back to school, Halloween, Christmas or any other national events, there is no specific day to attach a promotion to. So it is time to get constructive with your hype machine! Think outside of the box. What sports are going on around the world? What other major activities are happening? What are the special events that you have never heard off? What about events in your local community that could help promote your business?

  1. Adjust Promotions

So there are many selling techniques out their beyond just dropping prices. There is bundling products, conditional promotions, time-limited promotions and a whole lot more. Being smart with promotions, conditions and adding time pressure for people to buy through the summer period will assist with the additional sales, and also help with slow moving products.

  1. Explore Other Sales Channels

If you’re running physical shop or even if you’re running an online shop, down time gives you a chance to test out other sales channels. Potentially try out channels such as eBay, Amazon, or even other advertisement channels such as local news and radio. Take advantage of the downtime to grow your portfolio.

Having the time to explore and find new channels in downtime will generally lead to even better sales later through these channels.

  1. Rebrand or New Products

Given that many stores will not be changing much with their inventory or product lines, this might give you a chance to get some excitement in your store, and also you might get a discount given the time that you’re bringing in a new product.

A new product might give the energy you need to get more people through the door and to get them excited about your store. It’s also a great way to test what will sell for seasons to come.

Another option would be to  look at what you are currently selling, and see if there is a new or fresh way to sell it. Look at the sales message associated with it, how it is presented, and how it is positioned.

Any new product, even if it is an existing item, can be repositioned to give it a new and fresh look, and so to get people excited about it.

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