Simple Email Campaign

Creating a simple email campaign

Email marketing is still one of the best campaigns to run for successful growing your client base and staying in touch with your existing customers. Having the ability to stay in contact and reselling to existing customers is a powerful.

The good thing is there is a lot of email campaign tools out there for cheap, the best option is to work with a professional email tool, this will ensure the best delivery for the customers.

First of all, you will need to group your customers or emails. If your selling different product that target different segments, you should define your segments and groups, and create different email campaigns for each group.

Creating the content

Sending out content needs some thinking put behind it, you need to work out what will fit your customers personality.

For examples

Rewards and Promotions: Are you running a rewards program, do you have promotions or discounts running, why not send out a reminder about what you are currently offering and what you can offer.

Customer Specific content: This is information around what your selling and what your customer is looking for. Matching up content that you think your customers will be interested in will make them more engaged in your product and site.

Cross sell / upsell: Knowing what your customers have purchased give you a chance to resell similar products or related products as well as upgrades, refills, etc.

Event News: Having an event, is it Xmas, what ever it is, event and seasonal information is great and informative.

Testing Emails:

Once you develop your content and strategy try it out with different customers and different methods. A common approach is to perform A/B testing, which involves writing two emails about the same content, but with slightly different approaches. The idea is to see which approach was better and measure the success on opening rates, click and purchase rates.


Another key aspect of the email campaign is tracking and monitoring the success. Knowing what goes out, when and how will provide you the right process of managing your marketing, as well as providing insights to what your customers are more interested in and what your customers are not interested in.

Overall picture

Your email campaign is all market of your marketing and sales process, and should align with all of your marketing and sales concept. If your running a campaign on your emails, make sure this is reflected in your other social media, your sales focus and all other aspects of marketing.

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