Increase your Social Media Engagement

In general as a small business, you have been told you need to use social media. But it can be overwhelming knowing what to post, and how to actually get any level of engagement. 

  1. Engage with others 

Social media is a two-way street. As a business you have the ability to follow others either business or personal, the ability to provide comments, ideas, feedback or even just to say thanks. This will allow you to proactively get started on interacting with others. 

  • Q&A sessions 

In most areas of business, there are professionals, and there are people looking for answers. Managing and following up with Q&A sessions from social media sites, question sites and forums will allow you to develop your reputation and your awareness in business. 

  • Share other peoples’ content 

If you find great content that you think will be relevant to your customers, sharing shows caring. It also helps you create awareness with the company that you shared from. 

Your social media followers will be thankful if you provide key insights that are directly relevant to them.

  • Using Influencers to Share Content

Building up a network is very important in business, especially with influencers in your segment of work. 

An influencer is generally someone who has a large following of users on social media. These users are generally loyal and can be influenced by that individual. 

Working with an influencer, and getting your post or information shared by an influencer is a great way to get noticed and to get interaction from the influencer’s followers.

As part of this strategy, influencers may allow for guest posts. This is generally relevant information that can be viewed by the influencer’s customer base, but the post is attributed to you. 

This will build up your credibility, and also should lead to an increased engagement with potential customers. 

  • Engage and make your customer’s feel engaged 

Sharing your customer’s content, commenting and reviewing your customers will build trust and larger engagement on social media. 

By using a variety of searches, you will be able  to find people talking about your brand and can directly interact with them. 

This can work with positive and negative comments about your business. Proving that you are proactively managing and handling  these people shows that you are continually improving your company, and your customer care. 

  • Add emotion to your comments 

If you’re providing feedback to customers, now you have access to emotional icons – happy, sad, food and so many more. Using these small icons can add an extra level of emotion and interaction with your customers. It also provides visual cues for others looking at your interactions.

  • Make your post visual  

The reality is that most people are visual thinkers, and this can be reflected in the modern habits of social media. Adding visual information, imagery, charts or videos can add an extra dimension to your posts, which will assist your customers, and will be more likely to grab people’s attention when viewing. 

  •  Using the hashtag 

A hashtag is just a # followed by a relevant word. Find the tags which are commonly used in your industry or business and find ones that relate to the post you are writing. 

The hashtag will make your content easier to find by potential customers and will assist people to evaluate what your content is about. 

  • Create Events, Contests and Giveaways 

Creating some sort of gimmick will also improve your business’ social media presence. When creating an event, you have the ability to invite people who are following you to your event.

Using giveaways to motivate people to share content, tweet, follow you and more can be a great way to develop your brand awareness and content.

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