Getting Great Customer Reviews

Many buyers will make their decisions based on customer reviews. You can see how companies like Amazon, eBay and many more  depend heavily on customer reviews and feedback, on many aspects including price, quality and customer support.

This is called social proof to the customer, which means if someone else felt happy with the product or service, I feel more confident in buying that product or service. As well as other factors, this will be to see what type of product or service they are buying, minimize risk of a bad purchase, and evaluate product/service limitations. 

Based on a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents said that online reviews influenced their decision in buying. Also, a major factor is that 86% also said that their decisions where influenced by negative online reviews. 

Another critical factor about online reviews is that there is an estimated impact of 13% on how well Google will rank your website.

Now the question is, how can we get online reviews?

  1. Ask the customer 

Get in touch with the customer, via phone or email and ask them how their experience was with the product/service. If they were happy with the product, ask them to provide a review. 

If not, take this time to learn about what they were unhappy with to improve in the future. 

  • Feedback Forms 

If you have a physical or online feedback form, this is a great way to continually improve your product or service.

After getting the information from the customer, why not provide a link or instructions on how they can leave feedback on a review site? This will be great to improve your reputation.

  • Stay on social media 

If you’re on social media, make sure that you interact with questions and answers like customer support.

Through this process, you can ask your customers to help you out, and provide feedback on each social media site.

  • Online survey 

Learn more about how your customers feel about you. Be proactive by creating an online survey, and ask specific questions about your product and services, which should lead you to get great feedback.

These should be easy to answer and quick to do. 

From here, try to get the right feedback from your customers now they are thinking about your product and service. Encourage them to review you online.

These are just 4 quick and easy ways to get online reviews and feedback. 

It is important that you also maintain the feedback sites as well. Ensure that you review the comments, and with negative comments aim to work with the customer to resolve the issues. Seeing live responses, and an attempt to resolve issues will be seen in your favour. 

In the case of bad reviews that are just not justified, check the terms and conditions of the review site. If it’s false, or you made an attempt to resolve a situation, often you can get the review removed.

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