Credit card companies in the USA these days are just a little bit crazy.  They are always trying to entice new businesses and consumers to get their credit cards and get the business started. So as a business, there are many ways you can take advantage of these offers.

There are a few aspects you need to look at when looking at getting a credit cards:

  1.       What are your expenses? For example, do you spend a lot on gas? And if so, how much do you spend per month?
  2.       Can you find a credit card with cashback features based on your expenses? Meaning, if your biggest expense is your purchases at the supermarket, then find a card that has cashback for the supermarket you go to.
  3.       What are the  fees of the cards, as well as its limits? Many will have fees around $100 a year, so you need to make sure your savings is worth it.

There are many comparison sites  for credit cards, and these are changing all the time. So we won’t get into any recommendation here.

But some best practices for using the credit card are these:

  • Once you have the credit card for the right company, limit its use to where you get the discount. This will assist  you in managing your finances better and controlling your cash flow.
  • Set up the card to be auto paid off. Credit cards can be a slippery slope, so keep it as part of your business strategy and manage how you are going to use it and pay it off.
  • Avoid using your credit cards for getting cash. You will find this can be extremely  expensive if you don’t know what you are doing – with a lot of fees and charges, which you probably won’t know about until you have taken the money.
  • Keep a calendar of your cards. A  lot of the benefits will end after 1 year, so oftentimes,  that will be the time to file away that card and see what other promotions are around. If you are lucky, your card will try to keep you from spending and will send out additional promotions to keep you going.
  • Another key point: read the terms before committing to a card. Some cards have rotating categories, which means your cashbacks are not as straightforward. They will change over time.

As  long as  you can  pay off your cards every month and you’re smart with how you use it, you can really enjoy the perks for your business, as well as rewards and fraud protection.

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