Get your independent sales people motivated

Independent sales people have become a critical part to many businesses’ success. You’re able to call on high-value resources, which are working remotely and are primarily paid based on success.

But there is a lot more than just hiring these people and just letting them do what they want. You need to work with your sales people to ensure that they have the toolkit and the motivation to reach and surpass the numbers that you expect.

So first you need to get in the mind set of your sales people. They are taking a risk to work for you with a low or no base salary, which means they are in the game to drive sales for high commission.

Paying Competitively – The chances are your sales people are going to be highly motivated by money. They will have decided to go down the route of becoming independent sales people because of the potential it can have.

It is extremely important to have a clear commission structure, which everyone understands and can follow. But most of all, it must align directly with what the company wants to achieve.  If commissions are not align with company goals and KPIs you should expect issues.

Provide Toolkits and Support: As an independent sales person, you have made the commitment to the organisation to sell, and dedicated your time and resources to achieving that goal. But in turn you as a business have a commitment, to deliver answers and support at high speed so the sales people can do their job.

Every day that passes, the chance of closing a sale decreases. Every time that information is incorrect and not present, the chance will also decrease.

So be available for chats, calls, sales support and more for your sales people. Enable them to perform to their maximum capability for you. 

Deliver on your promise: A sales person is selling on the belief that you’re selling a good product and service, and that you will deliver on what you say. They have placed their time and reputation on the line for your business to achieve.  Ensure that this is communicated well, and you have the resources to deliver on your promise.

Pay on time: Sales representatives hate getting paid late. It is painful and they take it as a personal insult. Ensure that sales people are getting the commission that have been promised, and that they’re getting it on time. When they start working with you, run some tests to ensure that they can get the funds and that the timing of these funds is fair.

Respect the rep’s time: What is more important for a rep, selling or sitting in meetings? The obvious answer is selling! Create an environment which assists sales people to do their job, through processes, interfaces and the right tools for them to do their job. Getting them tied up reporting numbers, complex workflows and structures will lead to frustration and less time selling.

Listen to your sales people: Given you’re not there all of the time, ask them where they spend their most time, what is working well and what issues they are having.

They are a highly valuable asset for any organisation, and they can provide high level insights for your company to be continually improving.

When a sales person tells me I have a problem or I think something can be improved, this is very exciting for me, as it means there is room to improve the sales cycle, and make more sales!

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