5 Signs That it’s Time to Get Hiring

5 Signs That it’s Time to Get Hiring

Knowing when it is the right time to bring new staff on board is a fine art, especially if you’re a small business. The cost of a new employee is proportionately higher when a business is smaller, but you’ll also find that individual staff are taking on several roles.

There are a few certain signs that it is time to recruit more staff. Her are the five big ones:

1. Your business is growing

Gaining new customers or growing your sales is brilliant for your profits, but it creates more work for your existing operational team. If you don’t rebalance this with new staff, your current staff will get overwhelmed, the quality of their work will suffer and thus so will your business proposition. You could end up letting down your new clients with poor products or services.

Adjusting to seasonal demand required seasonal workers. Consider bringing on board some staff on temporary contracts to balance the team during the busy months. Once your all-year growth has improved, you could even reach out to the best of these to fill new permanent roles.

2. Your employees are unsatisfied or underperforming

Complaints from an individual employee should not always be taken as fact, but the consensus and opinion of all your staff can prove to be invaluable insight. Look at the performance of your employees across the board. Are they working regular overtime or having above average sick days? Are they working less efficiency than they used to? Are you often hearing from several of them that they feel overworked or overwhelmed?

If they are, it’s time to act. Try moving responsibilities around to focus employees on areas they thrive in. Plan team-building events or out of work leisure activities. If you still aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, it probably means you need more staff.

3. Changes to your business goals

Driving key areas of your business to meet higher targets is a great way to grow your business, but you must make sure that you increase resources to make those new targets achievable. For example, if you want to decrease the turnaround time of a particular service, it may be the right time to hire more staff into the team that provides that service.

4. There’s a talent gap

There’s are two very different types of talent gaps in business, and both can have a major detriment on your business if they’re not rectified.

One of these is if a new skill is required in your business, but none of your existing staff have that skill. Thus, there is no one available to you to complete that task effectively. Where this is apparent, a new member of staff with this skill could take on the new role.

Another type of talent gap is where your organization has insufficient junior staff to support your more senior staff. In this situation, senior staff are completing more basic tasks on a senior pay grade, as well as having time taken up that could be spent doing complex tasks that would benefit the business more. Hiring more junior staff will allow senior ones to delegate this work, and get on with helping you grow even more.

5. You’re restructuring your own business

Restructuring is a complex task for management, involving major movement of resources and responsibilities. This sometimes include hiring new staff. For example, you may have previously outsourced your IT, but have reached a point where it is more productive and efficient to bring this in-house. You will need to build this whole team to feel the gap.

As you restructure, you may find gaps in your workforce that are holding back your operations. You may also decide that a staff in hybrid roles should split out and specialize.

No matter what size of business you’re running, it is important not to make bad hiring decisions, but if you’re a small business, the effects of this could be felt for a long time. Nevertheless, failing to hire when you need to can hurt your business just as much, if not more. So keep these indicators in mind and you should be able to make the right decision.

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